An Arty Farty Date

I’m not so sure whether I would fair all that well in the #trending category but I definitely scored a few points when it comes to #wardroberecycling.
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gift shop brooklyn

Everything in the shop is sourced and handmade in the US.
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 This was taken around 1.5 weeks post-partum. I brought this @gap dress to the hospital with me because of the button-down construction, which was great for 🤱. What are some of your must-haves for your hospital bag? Head over to GIRLWITHFLOWERS if you would like to know what mine are #linkinprofile #mama
 The bun is out of the oven and has been out for 6 weeks!  Being a mom has got to be the toughest gig I’ve ever done but it’s worth the blood, sweat and tears (literally!) If you’re one who likes reading birth stories, head over to GIRLWITHFLOWERS to read about mini M’s rather dramatic birth (to me anyways!) I would like to hear your story too! ❤️ #linkinprofile
 This portrait was taken at the beginning of my maternity leave. Now have a 5 week old  in hand. I sure know how to spread my photos lol  #ontheblog at GIRLWITHFLOWERS #linkinprofile
 Bursting at the seams   #ontheblog At GIRLWITHFLOWERS #linkinprofile
 As dressed up as I could be at #37weeks when hubby took me to the fantastic @nelrestaurant for my birthday celebration   #ontheblog at GIRLWITHFLOWERS #linkinprofile
 Bloomin’ @thegroundsfloralsbysilva  . . . #girlwithflowers #spring #thegrounds #blooms #floral #flowers #fresh #botanicals #lush #tb #details #pinks #florist #happy #iphone6 #portrait #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #bymrm

Bye Bye Shopping

BUT what if foregoing that pair of luscious boots or that “must have” item of the season could see lives being saved and transformed, girls being rescued from dire straits and children being fed and educated?
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That Mongolian Girl

Whatever it is, as long as I understand the principle of not taking fashion overly seriously, I believe that I’m in for a pretty fun ride.
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Outdoor Voices

Shall we exercise?
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Single Strand

Read and Experiment

I really miss reading good quality materials as opposed to all the fluff that I’m exposed to every day.
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Dry, chapped, and completely Australian.
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My Temporary Playground

Rugged and untouched, this is the Australia that I hope to be in touched with more often.
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Dear Eucalyptus

Ah, eucalyptus, how I love you so!
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The Pink Bear

Since the weather is Mudgee was considerably cooler, I was able to pull out my “bear suit” for a ride.
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Winter is the perfect time to experiment with longer lines and unusual fabrics.
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Pick a Bloom

Here are a few tips on how to pick good quality fresh flowers
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It’s undeniably daunting.
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The best beauty advice I got this autumn/winter season is to use a facial serum before applying the usual moisturiser.
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