Braai, which means BBQ in Afrikaans is a big tradition in most South African families. T’was a chilly night and Mr M’s family had decided to come together for a simple Braai in their courtyard. It was such a refreshing change to partake in an outdoor meal where the only light source came from a lamp hanging on a branch above the table. The setting and purpose just reminded me  so much of  Kinfolk Magazine where the main idea revolves around bonding through food preparation and sharing. This magazine features some of the most amazing photos and browsing through the different volumes while snuggling in bed was such a joy!

wllw_braai 1

Unlike most Australian ‘barbies’ that are predominantly done on gas, Mr M’s dad cooked our meat the old fashioned way on a barrel of coals  to give them some smokey goodness.

We were fed with beef, chicken, simple salads and sweet drinks.

That was a good night.


Photo by Mr M

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