#5riday: Fudges by Melissa’s

They are creamy, delicious and melt in the mouth, nuff’ said.
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It’s kinda scary that Friday rolls around this quickly no matter how excited I am about the weekends.

This #5riday, I’m going to talk about fudges, specifically those by Melissa’s.

Melissa’s fudges are really good but sadly they are only available in South Africa! They also sell a tonne of beautifully packaged things and if there wasn’t any luggage space or financial constraints, I would gladly package the entire store and take it home with me.

So if you’re currently located in South Africa or heading that way, these are #5 reasons why you should give those sinful little morsels a go!

#1. They are creamy, delicious and melt in the mouth, nuff’ said.

#2. Good food conversation starter. Melissa’s a bit of an icon in SA so casually drop a ”have you been to Melissa’s?” to break the ice! (admittedly I haven’t tried this one before haha!)

#3. Perfect as gifts and reasonably priced as well. Mr M brought a few packets to the office and they were gone within 20s

#4. Perfect size to curb those sugar cravings. No cutleries required. I love having mine with a cup of english breakfast tea or rooibos.

#5. Why would we need a 5th reason?!

I found this recipe that I’m keen on trying. Please pray for my waistline!

Jot down your thoughts!