#5riday: Kinfolk Magazine

So much emotions were captured and contained within every single volume.
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First #5riday of 2015!

If you haven’t any inkling what this hashtag typo is all about, #5riday is a weekly segment where I give you 5 reasons why a particular thing/bunch of things is super groovy. This week I would like to give a love shoutout to Kinfolk Magazine, a publication that I’ve adored for the longest time!

#1. Kinfolk is precious. Reading about food and all the relationships that bonded because of it is frankly, addictive. This is the Malaysian in me speaking.

#2. The photography is top notch to say the least. So many emotions were captured and contained within every. single. volume.

#3. The writing? Amazing. Wish I could be half as smart as those contributors!

#4. Kinfolk is actually really effective in influencing one to drop everything and start cooking your best meals for families, friends and even strangers. Spreading love? Oh yes.

#5. Having a stack of Kinfolk on the bookshelf could easily turn your living space into one worthy for interior design magazines.


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