#5riday: Shellac

I’m a bit of a convert now.
Screenshot 2015-02-17 14.58.14

The first time I had shellac/gel nails done was for my wedding, believe it or not. I’ve heard of it but never had it done because I heard that it’s expensive and spending a lot of money on nails wasn’t a priority of mine.

Just like all my girlfriends who have had their nails ‘shellac-ed’ before, I’m a bit of a convert now and here are my #5 reasons this #5riday.

#1. Staying power: Shellac stays on your nails for as long as you want to without chipping, which is a total opposite to normal nail polish.

#2. Fast drying: One could literally walk out the door and resume a ‘normal life’ without any unnecessary worries.

#3. Colours: The selection of colours is comparable to normal polishes so if you were to opt for this option, you’re not missing out on anything.

#4. Cost: I know that I just mentioned how expensive shellac is but it’s actually a misconception if you consider the big picture. It’s become a lot more popular these days and certain nail places offer shellac at extremely competitive prices. It’s definitely worth shopping around.

#5. Nail-biters: This may be a potential remedy!

Since it’s Chinese New Year, the red polish is my pick for sure!


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