#5riday: Vivienne LV

Now may I have a Vivienne LV please?

#5riday time! When I saw this photo of Rumi Neely at NYFW, it was pretty difficult for me to ignore the cross body bag that she was carrying. I mean it wasn’t my first time seeing it on someone but it definitely struck a chord this time.

Screenshot 2015-02-25 14.11.11So today, I would like to give you #5 good reasons to add a cross body bag to your collection, not necessarily this particular style that I’m drooling over *hint hint Mr M*, but a smallish good quality bag that you could strap across your body and take everywhere with you, in any season.

#1. Hands-free #win

#2. Looks ultra good on almost anything especially when the bag hangs just right where the tummy is

#3. A small bag = less weight #anotherwin

#4. High rotation (why would it be the other way round?) = low cost per wear #celebration

#5. When you’re completely over the bag, it would still be a valuable hand me down/gift to someone else

Now may I have a Vivienne LV please?

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