Attention: wllwproject has reached a baby milestone!


*Drum roll please….*

Happy 10th post wllwproject! I’m probably the only person on blogsphere to celebrate post number 10 but I don’t care! Every tiny milestone is always worth celebrating in my books, and I celebrated this special one with this delicious (and rather healthy) dessert that I made.

In all honesty, running this blog has been such an incredible ride for me and it’s one of those things that I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing a couple of years ago because it was’t technically feasible. Just to lay it out on the table, I was a computer illiterate, still am one but I am amazingly blessed with great help around me. That has definitely given me the courage to chase after this desire in my heart and created opportunities to dabble with fun things that I never thought I’d be doing, like being my own model and brewing crazy ideas for up-coming posts! It’s such a big learning curve for me, from posing to photo editing to the ways of social media and admittedly they are not the easiest things to pick up in the world especially when a sizable chunk of my time is occupied by my actual ‘rice bowl’. Whatever it is though, I will try and zip my mouth, hold my head high and march on because I just love and thoroughly enjoy what I do here. 

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A big toast to more creative blog posts to come!

Thank you for reading.



Blueberry crunchy mess by me | Photography by Mr M

  1. yum!! what a delicious looking dessert – and what a fantastic milestone. Congratulations! The first 10 posts are the hardest, but once you get into your routine blogging can become almost like second nature, I’m not sure what I’d do without it!

    Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂 x

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