Enough is Enough

How do you deal with those desires of yours when your budget wouldn’t allow it?
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Jumper Marques’Almeida Jeans Rachel Comey Clogs Funkis Bag Gifted

Buying beautiful, good quality and well made things is gratifying, and addictive. Ever since I started purchasing things in a more thoughtful manner, in the hope of buying less and enjoying more, I found myself unexpectedly heading the opposite direction. Instead of cherishing the few really good pieces that I have, I’ve started obsessively looking for new things to add to my wardrobe and home. Instead of enjoying the extra space that I have, I’ve started wanting to fill it up with things again.

It’s about time I ask myself, ‘how much is enough?’

I struggle sometimes with disconnecting myself from another person’s visually beautiful life. Like the other person, I want beautiful things in my life too! When I have my eyes fixed on something online, I would revisit the website over, over and over again, wishing and praying for it to be suddenly discounted, to be suddenly justifiable for me to make a purchase. My self-control would waver but most of the time it was able to hold up.

How do I then suppress that desire of wanting something so badly? I put it on my wish list. I might not get it right away, or ever but there’s always a possibility of me receiving it as a gift when a special occasion arises. Mr M and I give each other our individual wish lists to save the trouble of not knowing what to buy for each other. Apart from doing things for each other on a daily basis, gift-giving is something we do when a celebration is due and in all honesty, I love it. It may be materialistic but it is one of our languages of love.

So this pair of Rachel Comey slim legion jeans is what I had my eyes on for a while and on our second wedding anniversary, it was whipped out of thin air and given to me. To say that I’m obsessed with it is an understatement. I love the fit, cut and colour and I couldn’t be happier with it. Above all, I’m forever grateful for Mr M’s generosity, not only materially but also the little things that he so dutifully does for me, like taking photos of me every single Sunday, followed by a delicious home-cooked meal that he so painstakingly prepares.

Your turn. Do you have a specific purchasing pattern that you try and stick by? How do you deal with those desires of yours when your budget wouldn’t allow it?


  1. Love the look. The wish list thing is such a good idea for couples! I might have to steal haha because sometimes it’s so hard choosing gifts but I love the idea of swapping it with your SO.


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