A Dash of Metal

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Tee Uniqlo Skirt Zara (see here and here too) Flats Anne Thomas Necklace WWAKE

A sprinkle of rose gold to spruce up a neutral pairing. Mr M gifted me with these Anne Thomas Eivisa flats from Totokaelo (easily one of my favourite online shop!) and I finally found the chance to break out in them. Funny how the older I get the more attracted I am to gold. Back in the 90s and even early 2000s, I thought gold was really unfashionable and reserved exclusively for oldies. Boy how things have changed! I’m forever grateful to those who managed to modernised this precious metal. I think it suits my yellow-based skin tone and a dash of it really makes a heap of difference. I cannot get enough of it!

Are you into gold jewellery/accessories as well or are you more of a silver kind of girl?


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