NYC with an OCD Planner #4 :: A Dose of Green

My favourite memory was when Mr M and I bought some super delicious street food and just enjoyed it in the park.
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I think I was a little too ambitious for wanting to write up a thorough NYC guide after our visit there a number of months ago. Of course real life had to happen and now I’m left with semi-fuzzy memories of our experiences there.

Instead of telling you to do everything that we did over there (with the assumption that you share a similar taste with us), I’m going to focus on the things that made an impact on us.

One of the key places to visit for us is (of course) Central Park. Now everybody knows about Central Park but do you know how ginormous it is? I certainly didn’t. Unlike the little park across from your house, one couldn’t really leisurely do a few laps around Central Park so I find that the best way to enjoy it is to break up your visits into smaller chunks and just enjoy whatever section that you happened to be in. Central Park is truly a haven in the middle of all the day-to-day chaos and strolling in there provides an opportunity to regroup and escape from the deafening sirens. It is incredibly green, lush and well-maintained.

My favourite memory was when Mr M and I bought some super delicious street food and just enjoyed it in the park. It was so nice to people watch and at the same time immerse in NYC. In all honesty, Manhattan can be very intimidating, considering the sheer amount of people and stimulations that one has to face every day but being in the park instantly calmed us right down. It’s also quite nice to know that kids in NY could come to such a wonderful playground by the end of the day, and that they could still be free-spirited in such a big city.

Mr M and I didn’t end up cycling (although I really wanted to!) because there were too many rules and restrictions that we had to abide by. We did cycle in Brooklyn though and that was one awesome yet frustrating experience! More on that in the next NY post.

If I were to head there again in the future, I would be sure to dedicate a few hours at least to Central Park. I’m imagining a little picnic blanket, a nice drink, some street food and something to read. Ah, what a lovely dream.


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