A Dose of Sunshine

What’s your favourite summer activity?
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Picnic, one of those activities that is so fun to do (and free) yet we don’t do enough!

The Aussie landscape is truly incredible and I can’t believe how we haven’t attempted hard enough to make use of what’s available to us.

This summer, I made the decision to utilise the outdoors a bit more so we made extra efforts to take our meals outside. I cannot tell you how glad I was with this change because the returns that we got surely outweighed the preparation needed for the picnics to happen. When a magnificent sunset awaits us by the end of the evening, I kinda want to slap myself for missing out on all the God colours that we could have enjoyed.

This is one of my picnic outfits. I was having a bit of fun with pattern play and enjoying my gingham MLM top once again. I might have said this before, but I really really enjoy the voluminous silhouette. There’s just something rewarding about making excess fabric work for you. It’s a nice little challenge that I enjoy. Most people could do skimpy and tight but not many could pull off volume nicely. I have to admit that I don’t always nail it but it’s good fun anyway.

What’s your favourite summer activity?


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