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Journalling my fashion journey and aesthetic preferences on this blog have been really awesome. I think having a clear visual record is extremely helpful when analysing how my personal style has evolved over time. Looking back at the photos, I would have to admit that I have a large collection of ZARA and asos in my wardrobe. I’m not ashamed of them at all but appreciate the style and confidence that each piece had granted me. However, I also know that something is lacking. The feeling of authenticity is missing in most occasions.

I may be experiencing what I called the ‘grown up’ syndrome now. Many people seem to experience some kind of revelation with regard to their shopping habits at some point. The urge of investing in great original work has surpasses the momentary joy that an economical, (semi) copy cat piece may bring. I finally came to realise that purchasing an authentic design is a lot more than owning the product itself. It’s also about celebrating the story, courage and sweat behind it all and acknowledging creativity in the most encouraging way.

The matching set above was purchased from an independent label at Chatuchak markets in Bangkok a couple of months ago. I was attracted to the ‘wrap shorts’ first and foremost because they’re different (and cool). Most of all, I really liked the minimalist style and the slightly stiff structure and was already visualising the many pairing ideas in my head.

The point of this post is not about ditching high street brands because that is almost impossible in this day and age. Rather it’s about opening our hearts to brands that may not be as well-known or conventional and really giving them a chance to shine. After all, we’ll never know what our tiny bit of support may amount to by the end of the day.

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