A Much Needed Phase

I haven’t been on social media very much for the past couple of months because I lost my appetite for it.
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I remember packing for our 2 days away for Melbourne and feeling stuck. My motivation was at rock bottom, I was at the tail end of my cold and I have nothing to wear! Normally, having ‘nothing to wear’ wouldn’t bother me as much as I would jump on the computer to try and remedy the situation but at that time, I didn’t even feel like shopping. I stared at my wardrobe feeling completely uninspired but after a long while managed to squeeze a couple of pairings from it and here’s one of them.

This set of photos was taken at our cute boutique hotel Coppersmith before a very special treat at Dinner by Heston. Prior to the dinner we had watched tonnes of Heston’s crazy inventions on TV so it was definitely exciting to be able to experience them for ourselves. It was also nice to spend a few hours of one-on-one time with Mr M as it has somewhat become a luxury to really take our time to eat and savour our meals.

Style Notes ||Silhoutte|| Volume works in my favour lately as I felt extremely bloated and meh. The ruffles and layers are perfect for hiding any protruding tummies.

||Footwear|| As the outfit is so voluminous, it would only be right to elongate my frame with heels, plus we were going to a rather fancy place so heels are a must! These Topshop satin ones are my go-to because the honest truth is that I don’t have many others to choose from.

||Jewellery|| These silver chain earrings are so lightweight and easy to wear and popping them instantly made me feel made up and fresh.

I haven’t been on social media very much for the past couple of months because I lost my appetite for it. I wasn’t able to produce any content but I think the rest was much needed for me to sit back and regroup. Now that my physical and mental energy have returned, I’m starting to feel a bit more excited about creativity and all those fun things.

Thanks for being patient with me. Stay tuned for more regular and hopefully interesting posts!


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