A Pop of Colour Makes Life Happier

I can’t believe it’s the start of a brand new week again! Time, could you please slow down for the weekends just because…?

At least it’s good to have Mr M back now after 2 weeks of being overseas. It’s nice to be able to talk face to face again.


Our Sunday evening walks along the reserve near his place has slowly become one of my favourite weekend activities. We had taken the picturesque path for granted in the last couple of seasons due to a bunch of excuses. Now we’re slowly rediscovering the delight of a simple activity like that. The sense of peace and endorphins  that I get after each walk are unbelievable. Oftentimes I allowed myself to be drowned in things that ‘needed to be done’… so much so that I willingly gave up things that should matter more. I really think that it’s about gaining the right perspectives and balance in life. Admittedly, I’m really struggling with that right now because I’ve developed the bad habit of putting too much on my plate. I’m working on that, I promise.

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There’s really nothing much to elaborate about this outfit because it’s as casual as can be! One thing I will mention though is this pair of bright sling backs that I got from Topshop. Like many things in my wardrobe, I had forgotten about them for a while but decided to take them out for some fresh air. They’re really great at giving a fun touch to a rather neutral ensemble like that. I just need to think of more ways to bring the best out of them. After all, I’m one of those people who actually care about ‘cost per wear’… or try to…


Mr M says hi with his new ‘hipster’ shoes! I managed to convince him to buy them because I thought the leather and print details (which aren’t ultra visible unfortunately) are really cool. Besides he needed a new pair of shoes for practical purposes! *defensive* I really appreciate the little touches designers put to turn a good product into a great one. I’m all for innovative designs but sometimes all one needs is to explore current designs to achieve awesome results imho.


Have a great week guys! Keep smiling!


Photography| Mr M

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