You know that feeling when you realised that your take on fashion isn’t as awesome as you thought?
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You know that feeling when you realised that your take on fashion isn’t as awesome as you thought?

I was given the humble pie when I stumbled upon the “Inside the Wardrobe” segment on the British Vogue Youtube channel. I was especially smitten with the styles of Camille Rowe, Caroline de Maigret and Bay Garnett. These ladies hold very different fashion philosophies and whilst I found it hard to relate to their fabulous and extravagant wardrobe, I enjoyed taking those little pieces of advice and storing them in the back of my mind for reference purposes. There’s just so much more to learn when I thought that I knew everything about my own personal style. As a matter of fact, I’m beginning to think that my very casual style is kinda… boring! I’ve been playing it very safe all along and I’m ready to do things differently. I’m inspired to start breaking out of neutral palettes and experimenting with colours and all kinds of silhouettes. Of course I find myself wanting to get back to my comfort zone all the time but I’m also making a conscious effort to appreciate things that are a bit more daring. As funny and silly as this sounds, I want to invent new fashion formulas for myself again instead of following the ones that I unconsciously adopted along the way.

So have I done anything differently about the pairing above you may ask? Not really (ha!) except for those denim shorts that I’m slowly re-introducing into my wardrobe. If you’re a long time follower (with a good memory), you might recall that I shunned the denim shorts (oops) a while back simply because I wasn’t into the teeny bopper look anymore. Guess what? I’m going to take that back because denim shorts can look good and age-appropriate when paired the right way and following my lightbulb fashion moment, I’m going to be open-minded and give most things a go. Why not?

What is the most recent fashion challenge that you set for yourself?


  1. Not breaking the colour anytime soon but breaking and playing around with silhouettes is what we are up for recently! Since we will be taking up the ‘5 Piece French Wardrobe’ in the next quarter of 2016, we have been really concious on everything we have and what silhouette to incoporate into our wardrobe 🙂

    Speaking about denim shorts, there are 3 sitting around amd haven’t been worn for a year now because it doesn’t fit! Haha! Time to get rid and perhaps get a new pair that flatters my arse. Thank you for sharing and happy weekend dear.

    Real Life Nerd

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