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I was driving the other day while trying to remain calm in the midst of a very frustrating traffic situation. As my car was crawling past a gorgeous church, I saw a bunch of people, most likely in their best suites and dresses crowding at the entrance. I tried hard not to be nosy but at that exact moment a lady in red stepped out onto the side of the road in preparation to dash across to the other side. I kid you not but I actually did a double take on her. Her red dress was stage whispering ‘HEY, CHECK ME OUT!’

The LBD has traditionally been the must have item in every single woman’s wardrobe but after voluntarily checking out a woman (haha!), I’m beginning to think that the LRD has been way underrated! This is one of the main reasons why I’ve decided to host a red dress giveaway via WLLWPOPUP. The winner will receive a gorgeous FEEDING THE BIRDS OFF SHOULDER DRESS shown above by AIJEK worth AUD229!

To enter, simply take the following steps:

#1. Go to WLLWPOPUP’s Facebook Page and comment on the timeline, in 25 words or less the following question               ” What does fashion mean to you?”

#2. Send a private message to WLLWPOPUP with the following details:

  • Facebook name
  • First and Last names
  • Contact email address
  • Mailing address
  • Your dress size i.e. Australian 6,8, or 10 (The Feeding the Birds dress only comes in 3 size)

#3. Like WLLWPOPUP’s Facebook Page Voila, you’re done! Easy peasy 🙂

**This giveaway is open to all Australian and New Zealand residents only and will stay open till Friday March 21st 8pm Sydney time. Full terms and conditions are stated at WLLWPOPUP’s Facebook page. One winner will be selected on Sunday 23rd of March so start letting your words and creative juices flow!** I hope this pretty red number will be that SPECIAL head turning LRD for you. All the best!


Photography| Mr M

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