All I Want For Christmas Is…

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All I want for Christmas is….. sleep! And a real Christmas tree.

When I was little, although we never celebrated Christmas, we had a small tree that I would decorate year after year. I used things like generic bobbles and cotton wool to create the ‘snowed in effect’. I don’t know how I got away with having pieces of cotton wool lying around collecting dust. I will certainly go nuts if my kids started doing that one day!

Mr M and I never had a tree in Australia. The only tree we have is one made out of fairy lights which transcends across seasons. As it will be mini M’s first Christmas (and to fulfil my selfish desire from seeing too many dreamy photos on Amanda Jane Jones’ ig), I thought it would be nice to have a real Christmas tree at home. Having a big tree requires big effort and big dollars so we opted for a miniature one. If the tree managed to survive for another year, maybe by next Christmas we would have more scope to work with. Having ornaments won’t be an option this year unfortunately because I left things too late so we are just going to enjoy the tree in its original glory! The tree is now sitting on the table in the dining room and I think it’s the perfect spot for it. I’m partial to some of these looks so I’m aiming to come up with something similar if similar ornaments don’t cost an arm and leg!

What are you doing for Christmas this year?


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