All Over the Place

Dress Coccha Trench Stylenanda Sneakers Vans Bandana asos Bag Bought in Italy Earrings Waif

That modest little red bandana, how could I not love it?

It’s such a cute accessory to brighten up just about anything and it definitely suits that ‘growing belly’ look very much don’t you think? I’ve been reaching for it whenever I could and I cannot stress enough how a little pop of colour could change the entire vibe of the outfit.

There’s nothing particularly new about this look here except for that asymmetrical linen dress that I bought at the early stage of my pregnancy which I’m hoping would continue to accommodate my ‘growth’. That was one of those lazy days when I was a little uninspired so I gravitated towards a very neutral palette to minimise fuss. I have also reacquainted with my trench which I was very close to giving away so it might just stick around for a little longer if I continue to reach out for it.

Ah, I’m also at a stage where I feel like my wardrobe and shoe collection need a bit of editing and paring down again. I just need to prioritise and take some action, just like how I would need to start taking action in setting up the nursery. I have all these wonderful pins on my Pinterest which would just be pretty pictures if I don’t start doing something with them. It’s so easy to indulge in fantasies when the fruit could only be reaped with some toil and labour!

My apology that this has become an all over the place kind of post as it reflects exactly how I feel at the moment, exhausted and frazzled. #thebeginningofmommybrain

Till next time!


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