All Striped Out

If I have to use one word to describe last weekend, it would be ”eventful”. The whole of last Saturday and Sunday were spent with the parents who had flown 8 hours in from overseas for a short holiday. There were lots of eating out involved, a few touristy stuff like a visit to Susannah Place Museum and a stroll along Circular Quay and The Rocks at night to immerse ourselves in the psychedelic lights of Vivid Sydney. To top everything off, there was even a visit to the emergency department in the middle of Sunday night.

I desperately need to plug myself to a battery charger.

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These were taken when I felt a whole heap better. I was playing with my favourite pattern yet again and since I’ve gotten the hang of head accessories, I felt a whole lot more confident in taking my beanie out for a little ride. I have to say that anything that’s put on the head really dresses up the outfit.

Stay healthy and keep warm all!

Photography| Mr M

  1. Mr M here.
    I have a Canon 5d Mk III and I switch between lenses depending on the location, lighting and my mood.

    On this occasion, I went for the 85mm f1.2 L, as I was looking for a lens that would fit into my small bag (the 70-200 was too long) and I also wanted a decent amount of background blur.

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