An Icelandic Affair #4

Our 3rd day in Iceland was overwhelming to say the least!
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Interior goals: white window panes
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Crater lake
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Windproof hairdo
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Black basalt beach, Vik

Our 3rd day in Iceland was overwhelming to say the least! The wind condition was hectic i.e. 40m/sec and literally remained the same the entire day. The weather was cold enough as it was but try adding windchill on top of it. Mr M and I did a bunch of sight seeing all day but I kinda wished that I was in the car or indoors somewhere the whole time just so that I could escape from the madness and the mind numbing temperatures.

We left Efstidalur II Farm Hotel and continued down South to our accommodation Icelandair Hotel in Vik and managed to visit following sites:

#1. Kerid This crater lake was beautiful, but it was also where we got the first taste of real chill. I was seriously in shock of how strong the wind was and hurried along the circumference while half enjoying the scenery. I’m having goosebumps now thinking about it! I couldn’t properly enjoy myself because my head hurt even though I had my beanie on. To make matters worse, I slipped on some loose gravel! Oops. This whole ‘ordeal’ really taught me how important it is to dress appropriately in a country like Iceland. Head over here if you need a couple of ideas on what to take with you.

#2. Seljalandsfoss Absolutely not to be missed. This waterfall is extra special because you could actually walk behind it. Some of the sections were steep and muddy so be sure to wear the right hiking shoes. It took a little while to adjust to the casual approach that Iceland takes with barriers and safety because Australia completely runs in the opposite direction! Everything here is fenced up and has multiple warning signs. While I do like the “use your common sense” approach, I also wished that a couple more safety measures were in place over there.

#3. Skogafoss Another majestic waterfall that I nearly said no to due to the windy condition. I’m glad that my FOMO took over and pushed me to see it. If you would like to hike up to the top, make sure you have your water with you because it can get quite hot and tedious under the layers of fabric that you would likely be wearing.

#4. Seljavallalaug Geothermal Pool I gotta admit that hiking to this pool was not fun on an extremely windy day. I believe that the wind picked up even more when we were making our way there, with dust particles flying around. I wasn’t too keen on going but obliged anyway because Mr M was adamant to bathe in it. Whilst the surrounding was spectacular, if you’re looking for a “clean pool” with decent changing rooms, this may not be to your liking. Constructed in the 1920s, this pool is now maintained by volunteers so be sure to use it with a lot of care and respect.

#5. Reynisfjara After winding down at the hotel, we headed to the famous black basalt beach to take a few photos. The wind was still howling at that point but we braved it just to get closer to the magnificent basalt columns. We were freezing our hats off at that point and I could feel my hands going numb. Here’s another reminder why water/windproof gloves are essential! Just a note of caution, the waves are known to be dangerous so it’s best not to fool around with the sea.

Next up I’m going to take a break from this Icelandic Affair for a short outfit post. Mr M and I experimented on a different style of photography last weekend so stay tuned.

Outfit Details: Lopapeysa Iceland Puffa Vest Country Road (on sale!) Jeans rag&bone Scarf Seed Heritage Rain Boots Sperry Socks Handknit by me Beanie Handknit by me (click for pattern) Sunnies ROC Eyewear


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