An Icelandic Affair #5

Chasing Icebergs.
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Skogasafn Folk Museum
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Iceland is a land of waterfalls

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Squishy moss-covered lava field
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Our Icelandic road trip continued in a hectic manner onto day 4, where we left Vik for Hofn. We drove one hour in the opposite direction to Skogasafn, an outdoor museum situated next to Skogafoss where we had been the previous day. We contemplated whether the effort was worthwhile and it totally did. It was nice to be able to take a glimpse of the heritage and culture of the Icelandic people and imagine what life was like in the past.

We rushed a fair bit that day, but that was totally fine because we were on a mission. We booked ourselves in for glacier hiking at Faljokul and were also determined to witness the hauntingly beautiful icebergs at Jokulsarlon before it gets too dark. To be honest I was initially intimidated with the idea of glacier hiking because I’m not innately adventurous, unlike Mr M. I had to mentally push myself out of my comfort zone and roll with the plan. Unsurprisingly, I felt immensely grateful by the end of the hike because it was such a wonderful experience exploring a world that I had never been exposed to. The scenery was so incredibly raw and gaining momentum on those icy crystals was quite empowering. To top that all off, we were also able to fill our bottles up with fresh glacial water to quench our thirst. The hike that we did was beginner level and we cruised through it with relative ease. If you have had prior experience and enjoy a bit of challenge, there would be other tour packages to cater to your wants and fancies, ensuring a memorable experience.

Witnessing Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon was a major highlight of the trip. The frozen landscape brought up all sorts of complex emotions that I couldn’t quite describe. It was a mix of awe and sadness from the destruction caused by climate changes. Despite the bleak and lifeless outlook, birds were soaring in the air and seals were frolicking in the water. This glimmer of life and hope was so uplifting and changed the way I felt about the lagoon. It was definitely a powerful moment standing there taking in the surrounding with all my senses. My nose nearly fell off but that was the least of my concerns. I could also feel the competitive spirit brewing as keen photographers lined up their tripods close to the sheets of icebergs. The sight was quite hilarious but I’m sure many of them had shot some of the most amazing photos on blogsphere.

Day 5 saw us travelling to a wonderful snow-covered town called Seydisfjordur. If you’ve watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, you might recognise some of the landscapes. See you there!

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