An Icelandic Affair #7

We played with snow all day.
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Breakfast view in Seydisfjordur
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Enjoying Seydisfjordur in its winter glory
wllw 16-06-28_07
Enjoying the skylight in our cottage
wllw 16-06-28_08
wllw 16-06-28_09wllw 16-06-28_10
Hey furry friend!
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Iceland’s Brooklyn Bridge
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Krafla Power Plant
wllw 16-06-28_24
Geothermal wonderland
wllw 16-06-28_26wllw 16-06-28_25

We played with snow all day on day 6 and experienced snow storms periodically. The fact that we could only see a couple of metres ahead of us while driving was a little more than a little tense.

In the morning, after having a lovely breakfast at Hotel Aldan (scroll to the top for glimpse of our breakfast view), we proceeded to explore Seydisfjordur with the couple of hours that we had. We explored the town by foot, savouring what it had to offer. We were told by the locals of a wonderful bulbous sculpture called Tvisongur that amplifies a 5-tone harmony so Mr M and I hiked up a rather steep and icy hill to see it. It was a shame that I wasn’t able to hike up with confidence because my rain boots were not grippy enough on the slippery surface. There was certainly a built-up of frustration and this goes to show how important it is to wear proper hiking boots and be practical sometimes. There were a number of other different attractions like museums and outdoor activities there but unfortunately none of them were opened. Summer would be a better season to be in Iceland if you would like to enjoy absolutely everything that it has to offer. After the hike, we (reluctantly) bid Seydisfjordur farewell and proceeded to the next town called Myvatn.

It was quite snowy that day and while we loved this magnificent winter wonderland, we had to give up seeing the majestic Dettifoss and Selfoss because of low visibility. We did however visit the Krafla Power Plant and before you yawn with boredom, we had so much fun goofing around the premise. Ample steam was escaping from frozen landscape and everything just looked so magical. There were a few red structures and they stood out so beautifully against the white backdrop. Mr M was inspired to visit the plant after seeing some amazing images here so travel research actually pays off 😉

Our accommodation for that night was at the charming Vogafjos guesthouse (with the best restaurant attached to it) and I guess it’s not a surprise that we ended the night at yet another hot pool. Myvatn Nature Bath is a commercialised facility like The Blue Lagoon but with slightly less frills. It was incredibly cold that night and snow flakes were falling while we were in the pool, making the experience extremely magical. That was the 4th time that I had been in a pool so I got use to the process and quite enjoyed it actually. The bath thoroughly warmed us up and we left the place feeling utterly refreshed.

We left Myvatn for Hofsos the next day and that would be our second last stop before heading back to Reykjavik for our last couple of nights in Iceland.

Come and join us in the next post. See you there!

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