Asos(ed) Out


If you look back on my outfit posts, you would immediately realise that I’m not a colourful kind of person at all. I tend to gravitate towards neutral or darker palettes and I think it’s because I feel most in control with colours that I’m comfortable with.

Normally I would call myself a relatively cautious shopper (I understand the subjectivity of this statement) but when the urge for impulse shopping came upon me that day, my brain began to involuntarily reprogram itself to make all sorts of interesting reasoning. And that was how I found this gigantic multi-coloured embroidered pom pom scarf along with a few other things on my doorsteps a week after clicking the ‘confirm purchase’ button on asos. Talk about will power. Has anyone ever only purchased 1 item at a time from asos? I think that’s quite a hard feat to achieve and I don’t think I’m alone. Click to find out why.



Did I like the explosion of colours along with all the fun ornaments on the scarf? Yes through and through. There’s just something so festive and up-lifting about it that I had to take it out for a ride at the first chance I had. Since I wanted the scarf to be the main focus, I simply wore neutral colours to avoid any sort of visual ‘competition’. I really love the contrast in colours between the vertical stripes of my shirt and that of the scarf and the same stripe direction managed to bring harmony to the overall look.

The mini tote bag was also purchased on the same day as the scarf and it’s one of those items that brought the idiom you get what you pay for to mind. Nonetheless it’s still a versatile bag that is perfect for shopping and brunches with friends (I’m pulling what I called the Wendy again).


I’m curious to know, what are your online shopping habits like? Are you a bargain hunter or do you purchase based on brands? Most of all, what are your absolute favourite shopping sites? I look forward to hearing your answers although the last question might be detrimental to my future expenses!

I’ll be back next week.


Photography| Mr M

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