Baby Pink

(yes, baby pink)
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Shirt Saba Blazer Glassons Jeans Neuw Shoes Dieppa Restrepo Beanie Handmade by me; yarn by Morris & Sons; pattern by She Makes Hats  Bag Rebecca Minkoff Rings [Add]Tension, Mazal

It comes as no surprise that I love wearing hats.

I think they add so much fun to outfits and are perfect for fixing my almost always flat hair days. I wasn’t that confident about wearing them initially but once I got the hang of styling and wearing them, I was hooked.

Of course I also had my fair share of hat chasing experiences and actually lost my favourite hat while photographing at this stunning section of the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. Now that I’m addicted to making beanies, I might have found a temporary and very satisfying solution to minimising those “hat loss” moments.

I whipped up this baby pink beanie (yes, baby pink) recently and I’m in love with how girly, soft and slouchy it is. It was so snugly and protected my head so well from the gusty wind. Mr M, who initially declined having one made for him has seemingly changed his mind (smirk). Who knows? He might even ask for a scarf in the future… and maybe debut as a knitwear model on WLLWPROJECT! I haven’t asked for his permission yet but I shall keep you updated. Ha!

Have you made a beanie before? What is your favourite pattern?


  1. I cannot knit for the life of me. One mistake and I get too discouraged to continue (and too lazy to backtrack). I love love hats but the annoying thing about my fedora is packing it in a suitcase unlike beanies which you can just toss and go! Btw love that first photo of you.


    1. Mistakes are the biggest obstructions but once you overcame them, knitting is just plain awesome! Give it another try 😉

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