Bassike Denim

What’s your staple look in the summer?
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Have you ever experienced an Aussie summer before?

Just to give you an idea, the air is humid and a few minutes of sun exposure could burn right through your skin. Things could get sweaty and sticky (and smelly) very quickly. I’m guessing this is why a lot of ladies are extremely comfortable with wearing all things itty-bitty with lots of legs showing because there seems to be a very good reason to do so. One such popular item in a typical lady’s summer wardrobe? Denim shorts.

Denim shorts are a big feature here in Australia and the brand (to my limited fashion knowledge) that made itty-bittiness and cut-outs cool is none other than oneteaspoon. Back in uni days, I was a fangirl of those tiny frayed denim shorts but unfortunately they were unattainable at that stage of my life. I remember going into a oneteaspoon boutique but was too shy to try anything on because everything felt so premium. I eventually got over wanting a pair and got over the whole denim shorts phase but I think the itch is back this year (gasp and refer to this post. I blame that on the many fantastic pairings I saw on the streets this summer and kudos to those ladies who managed to wear short shorts in a fashionable but pleasing way.

I didn’t intentionally hunt for a pair so the chance encounter of my bassike (ba-sic) pair (shown above) was quite nice. I have heard and seen bassike pieces a lot on the www but had never purchased anything from them. I took the plunge and was completely and whole-heartedly in love. The cutting of the shorts is very feminine and flattering and whilst it’s very different from those funky versions offered by oneteaspoon, I’m very satisfied with them. The quality is amazing and the fit is dreamily comfortable. I’ve worn them several times now and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Although the shorts have a flared silhouette, I decided to play with extra volume once again by pairing it high-low hemline and a punch of colour on the feet. This is definitely an effortless weekend look that I really enjoy.

What’s your staple look in the summer?

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