Becoming A Maker

I’m currently obsessed with… using my hands
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I’m back from holiday (in denial) and before I dive into any travel related posts, I’d like to share my latest obsession with you…

I’m currently obsessed with… using my hands. It’s amazing how many things we could actually produce from home if we put some effort and patience into learning the processes. There has been a whole lot of baking, knitting and crocheting happening this year and I’m really hoping to amp up the momentum.

Things could always be purchased with money but that feeling of creating things from raw materials is quite wonderful. It’s a bit of an addiction, one that I can totally live with.

I’m hoping to showcase more items here (provided that they’re not too wonky) as the year rolls by. I’m very much in baby stages and there’s a lot of work to be done technically. I cannot wait for the day when I could officially say ‘hey, I think I’m pretty alright at these things’ and not having to be shy about it.

What are some of the skills that you’ve acquired this year?


Ps. Youtube is a fantastic source of information for all sorts of hobby things.

  1. Me too! I made hampers as Christmas presents this year, and i have recently started making candles and bread too. I love learning a new skill and seeing what i have created.

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