Becoming a Man Repeller

My wardrobe has shrunk significantly these days hence I felt the need to ‘make things more interesting’.
Turtleneck asos (similar here) Jumper Handknit by me Denim Jogger Uniqlo Sneakers Vans Beanie Handknit by me Earrings Waif

These days I have no qualms of being a man repeller. One of the reasons I believe is that my wardrobe has shrunk significantly (especially when it comes to pieces pertaining to the lower half of the body) hence I felt the need to ‘make things more interesting’. I do blame hormones as well for all the other deviations from the norm.

I’m so proud that a quarter of this outfit was handmade by me. I especially wanted to whip out the sweater and wear it as much as I could before my belly gets too big. I’ve gotten a number of compliments for its vibrant colour (click here to see the ‘less tight’ version) and the design around the yoke and that had reaffirmed my love for hand knitting and truly making a piece of garment my own. I don’t aspire to have a handmade wardrobe but I certainly wouldn’t mind adding a few handmade touches to a cupboard full of machine sewn garments.

I was in such a mood for colours that day that I wanted to tie everything together with my newly purchased sugary pink sneakers but Mr M persuaded me otherwise. I don’t think he would’ve wanted to be seen with me let alone photograph a walking rainbow in public. One day maybe, when I’m finally able to fully let go and let loose!

Have you ever experienced any (intentional/non-intentional) man repelling moments?


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