Biting the Bullet

Nothing beats a personal experience don’t you think?
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Linen is such a wonderful material isn’t it? Since streamlining my wardrobe, there’s a number of dresses that I would automatically reach for and this Uniqlo button up dress is one of them, especially on a warm day. I found the material a little bit stiff and scratchy at first but after a few washes, the fibres softened up, making the dress a rather pleasant piece to wear.

I’m also thinking of knitting a linen t-shirt for myself on our looong plane ride to South Africa end of this month. For all of you who haven’t read my previous blog posts, I’m a little bit addicted to knitting and I’m constantly looking out for new yarns to experiment with. Since I have such a fascination with linen, why not give it a go? I’ve heard from various knitting podcasts that linen could be a fussy material to tackle and the hand feel may not be as great as soft merino wool (a personal favourite) but I’m willing to bite the bullet! Nothing beats a personal experience don’t you think?

Do you have any handy tips with regard to dealing with linen? Let me know. That way I know what I’m getting myself into!


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