Black and White Reflections


I’m still trying to get my head back into this space.

My 2.5-week break had completely distracted me from this part of my life. There were more pressing issues to attend to, such as spending quality time with loved ones and just savouring moments that I may not get when I’m NOT on holiday.

Now I haven’t lost my love for fashion in case you’re wondering. In fact, I don’t think that’s ever going to be possible. However my lack of effort and excitement about posting recently is probably a signal that a reflection on wllwproject, even if it’s a small one is due soon.

I ask this out of curiosity and a desire to be enlightened:

What motivates you to blog?


Photography| Mr M

ps. I’m heading to somewhere special this weekend and I’m looking forward to share my Bangkok purchase with you in the next post 🙂

  1. First, I have to say that I love your blog and am so glad I stumbled upon it. Second, I have asked myself that very question – why do I continue to blog – over and over again and the answer is simple: I love it. I love discovering fellow bloggers like you and sharing my interests and passions with people of similar interests and passions. It is an exercise in creativity and it keeps me fueled, energized and always wanting to do more, to do better. Maybe it won’t last forever, but, for now, I love it. 🙂

  2. Thanks Alligatortoe, you’re too sweet!!! I share the same sentiment as you 🙂 It’s definitely a place to search for inspirations and challenge your creativity. Blogging is relatively easy but creating a post that will capture people’s (very short) attention is difficult!!!

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