From time to time I would splurge on a bunch and I want to make sure that they last long enough to get my money’s worth.
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Mixed bunch

I’m a big, big fan of fresh blooms.

Fresh flowers instantaneously liven up the entire space and they photograph so well for Instagram (v. important). Unfortunately most flowers are expensive and having them around is more of a luxury than necessity. From time to time I would splurge on a bunch and I want to make sure that they last long enough to get my money’s worth.

I purchased the bunch above from the supermarket and they’re still looking beautiful after 8 days. My flowers don’t normally survive beyond 5 days but I did take extra care this time round. That, may have contributed to their longevity.

If you’re a newbie flower enthusiast like me, here are a few things that are worth observing: #1. Immerse your flowers in water first thing when you arrive home If you’re like me and you purchase your flowers from the supermarket/corner shop, be sure to re-hydrate your flowers first before trimming and arranging them. Chances are your flowers are looking a little limp as they haven’t been as delicately and lovingly handled as those at proper florists. Dip them in a bucket of fresh water for at least an hour to freshen them up first.

#2. Remove all leaves below water level Have you ever wondered why your stems start to rot after a couple of days? You probably left the excess leaves soaking in the water! I diligently removed all unwanted leaves and dying flowers from every stalk before putting them in the vase. By doing this you’re also allowing the flowers to absorb water more efficiently.

#3. Use the flower food that comes with your flowers It’s important to feed your flowers if you want them to last for as long as they could. Make sure that you trim the stems at an angle to maximise their surface area for water+nutrient absorption.

#4. Feed your flowers with fresh water and trim their stems every few days Everything would thrive in a fresh and clean environment. ‘Nuff said!’

#5. Shield your blooms from the heat Sydney’s weather is relatively cool lately and I’m almost certain that my beautiful bunch is loving it! Refer to this experiment for proof.

I’m sure these are not the only points to take note of but they should be quite sufficient to keep your blooms bloomin’ for at least 10 days.

I would totally appreciate it if you would like to add more tips in the comments section below.

Now go and treat yourself with a beautiful bouquet!


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