Bold Floral Print and Chiffon Drape Dress

My Feedly is at the verge of exploding with tonnes and tonnes of unread blog posts. I haven’t been able to actively participate in blogsphere for the past couple of weeks due to an array of reasons. One of them being wedding venue hunting. Sydney has lots of beautiful (not to mention expensive) venues on offer but many of them have limited capacity. Our preliminary guest list is pretty long and we’re hoping to trim some excess fat off! Does anyone know the best way to do so?

Vaucluse 3

These couple of photos were shot at a potential wedding location. I still haven’t quite grasp my floral jacket yet so it’s very much ‘work in progress’ when it comes to pairing ideas. I don’t normally wear loud colours except for special occasions but I’m finding them really refreshing lately. Perhaps I’ve become bolder as I’m getting more and more reassured with my personal style. Whatever it is, I think I’m ready to venture outside my comfort zone. Bring on the colours I say!

vaucluse 4

I’ll be heading home to Malaysia in a few days time for a few weeks. It’s been a while and I’m looking forward to bonding time with family and friends!

Hope you all are well 🙂


Photography|Mr M

  1. I’m never up to date with my blog posts either – maybe I shouldn’t be following so many of them 🙂
    As for the guest list, maybe you can send a sort of pre-invite (a save the date, is it?) and find out who won’t be able to make it on the big day. Good luck with the venue!

  2. Haha! I think I have the same problem too so for the past month and a half, I stopped following almost all of the blogs that are on my feedly list. I think i’m suffering from a ‘blog follower burnt out’ haha… Thanks for your suggestion. We are going to do just that! x

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