Brand Dissection: [Add]Tension

Stemming from a love for unique offerings, WLLWPOPUP has recently introduced a small line of jewellery by Turkish brand, [Add]Tension.
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Photos: #1 & 2: Adjustable D Jade Ring #3 & 4: Knight RingKnight Pinky Ring #5 & 6: Shackle Ring #7 & 8:Adjustable Minimalist Cuff #9 & 10: D Jade RingKnight Pinky Ring

Jewellery is essential and powerful when it comes to completing a look. Even the daintiest item could make a huge impact on your outfit. If you take a close look at well-liked street style visuals or any ootd photos by fashion darlings such as Aimee Song, Wendy Nguyen, Shini Park, Julie Sarinana etc (trust me I could go on till the cows come home), they are always beautifully and tastefully embellished.

The beauty about jewellery is that they are portable hence easy to carry around to freshen up your look mid-day. They also work wonders for day to night transitions. Just like the seasoning you put in food, jewellery functions as a valuable enhancer to elevate your outfits. Not only that, they also help to bring out that personal style to ensure that you shine, literally.

Stemming from this thought and a love for unique offerings, WLLWPOPUP has recently introduced a small line of jewellery by indie Turkish brand, [Add]Tension. As a lot of you may have already known, Turkey is well known for its rich jewellery history and culture and its immense wealth of quality craftsmanship so looking to this geographical area for beautiful adornments seems rather logical.

[Add]Tension is a relatively young brand (super exciting!) that requires a bit of understanding and loving so without further ado, here’s an interview with [Add]Tension’s founder, Sinem Yemez.

#1. Hello! Tell us a little about yourself and what you do. Hi, I’m Sinem Yemez, 27 years old Turkish designer/ founder of [Add]Tension Jewellery. I decided to launch my own jewellery line almost a year ago and that’s when my design journey started.

#2. What does [Add]Tension stand for and what is your design philosophy? [Add]Tension is a line of made to order statement jewellery that combines quality craftsmanship with contemporary-primitive design. I said contemporary-primitive because as a brand, [Add]Tension aims to redefine human thought processes in the modern world, particularly in the aspects thought filtering and concentration. The core of [Add]Tension is based on a deep search of missing values we desire due to the current [A]ttention [D]eficit [D]isorder culture where I believe that all sense of simplicity that drives our primitive states has been lost.

#3. Have you always had a creative background? What prompted you to start [Add]Tension? I didn’t study design formally but I’ve always been interested in it. Following my BA degree, I did my MA in Fashion Brand Management and that was the defining point for me. I realised that I really want to design.

#4. Do you make the jewellery yourself? No. I put my designs down on paper and [Add]Tension’s craftsmen translate them into reality piece by piece.

#5. How do you differentiate yourself from the other handmade jewellery brands out there? Every [Add]Tension design is bespoke, handcrafted using natural stones and materials and set within different geometrical forms.

#6. What is it about natural stones that you’re attracted to? I love natural stones for their primitive qualities. They’re also able to bring out the beauty of our skin.

#7. What is your proudest [Add]Tension moment to date? Every single positive feedback either from my customers or retail platforms really makes me proud of what I’m doing or trying to achieve.

#8. When is your next collection due and what do we expect to see? Expect to see a new collection very soon! Our next collection is based on the idea of “volume” so you’ll be seeing lots of unexpected forms. Stay tuned.

Head over to WLLWPOPUP now to purchase the collection! A couple of items are adjustable across most sizes. Where applicable though, make sure you use this ring size conversion chart to determine your ring size. Enjoy!


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