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At 32 weeks.
Taken at 31 and 3/4 weeks. Dress Cos

32 weeks pregnant and I’m counting down in single digit now. It’s partly surreal and mainly scary. How have 32 weeks flown by in a whim?

In the last 8 months I have experienced an array of emotions, ranging from happiness and excitement to fear, uncertainty and even a bit of queasiness. Whilst none of those negative feelings were particularly debilitating, it did take me a while to digest and accept the fact that my body is constantly evolving and that our lives will change forever as we take up the responsibility of becoming parents to a little human being. Now that I’m in the home stretch and my belly has well and truly ‘popped’, it has dawned on me that there’s absolutely no turning back and I just need to embrace the journey and enjoy the last bit of ‘freedom’. This does sound a little selfish but the least I could do is to practice a bit of self care and put myself at ease as we prepare to welcome mini M in October. Not going to lie, the thought of giving birth does make me anxious so I just have to learn to put myself in a good headspace by then.

I have been pretty fortunate with this pregnancy in that I have a relatively easy time with minimal nausea, heartburn and all the other complications that may come with it. I have no aversions towards  food (except for broccoli which I used to love) and my appetite has been relatively healthy, too healthy I must say. Of course there were slightly tense situations where I had to do all kinds of blood tests to rule out certain conditions but the results have ultimately been good, which we have been very thankful for. When people asked me how do I feel nowadays, I couldn’t deny that I’m feeling as good as I can possibly be. It’s a funny situation as I do feel a little guilty about feeling alright when most ladies out there would tell me otherwise (granted I’m a healthcare professional) BUT you know what, instead of watering down the truth, I would just need to appreciate this blessing and spread more positivity don’t you think? Of course the tummy is going to be overstretched and sleep hasn’t been great but in the scheme of all the other things, life isn’t too bad and there’s no denying it.

Every pregnancy is unique and I don’t think that there’s ever a formula that we should abide by. Having said that, our ability to create new life is a miracle on its own and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. I don’t know about you but every time I see my belly distorting due to mini M’s movements (even at 3am as that’s the time that mini M likes to party), there’s this immense sense of joy brewing within me. Yes I know that mini M is going to give us sleepless nights and loads of ‘extra work’ to do but ultimately, I think it is a wonderful privilege to be given the opportunity to nurture and raise a little guy into all that he can be. Ask me in 6 months again lol!

I have a parenting question for you. What’s the single greatest lesson that you learnt about yourself when you became parents for the first time?


photographed by Mr M
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