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At 35 weeks.
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I don’t think anyone or anything could ever prepare me enough for the last month of pregnancy. Being pregnant is such a peculiar thing. Some women raved about how healthy and beautiful they felt, some couldn’t wait for the end to come and I happened to fall somewhere in the middle of this continuum.

A week and a half into my maternity ‘holiday’ and I’m feeling immensely relaxed (except for that frazzled moment I had a few days ago when I thought mini M was ready to say hello). I’ve been running so many last minute errands but each day, I do feel like I’m walking in air. A non-existent schedule is so refreshing. It’s so nice to be able to take my time to enjoy the little mundane things in life and cut myself some slack. I could pick up a book whenever I wanted to or nap whenever my body needed it. I’m in a good space mentally and emotionally and I haven’t felt like that for a long time.

Physically, I’m thriving as well (if you know what I mean lol). In fact I think there’s very little room left to hold mini M as every inch of my belly skin is being stretched. I have grown exponentially and things are a lot clumsier and not all that comfortable now. I’ve noticed a few more pregnancy ailments these days and I guess it’s because I’m more aware of my surroundings and all the changes that are going on in my life. No matter what beautiful compliments my friends had given me, truth is, my legs have swelled up by enormous proportions, I’ve developed a mild case of carpel tunnel syndrome on my right hand and I couldn’t even roll out of bed without a good amount of effort when nature calls in the middle of the night. Oh, did I mention those weird, unflattering skin pigments that appeared out of nowhere? There’s no denying that those horror stories of how ‘things would never be the same again’ do give me bouts of anxiety but there’s also no denying what a blessing it is to be able to carry and nourish a child. It can be so unnerving when I have no control over my body at this stage. It’s a waiting game now and those little ones I was told have a mind of their own. I’m trying hard to not let all the uncertainties weigh me down but instead bask in this remaining freedom and the beautiful spring weather we’ve been having in Sydney. I’m trying to do something nice for myself every single day (like getting an extra cup of decaf) or eating some sweet treats to build up reserves to tackle the hard work that is to come.

My estimated due date is in 2 weeks’ time and while I know that we couldn’t really plan for the birth, I’m hoping to have a bit more me-time before a tiny (or maybe chunky) bundle takes over my life.

Hope you’re doing well and if you’re on the same boat as me, all the best!

Till next time.

Bisous x

photographed by Mr M
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