Bumpy Hide and Seek

Are you one who likes to show-off or hide your bump?
Dress Coccha Jumper Bassike Jacket Narnia Vintage Boots MM6 Maison Margiela (silver version here) Sunnies Lapiz Sensible Scarf Coccha Earrings By Boe

If I’m being honest with you, Sydney isn’t a city with the most interesting architecture around. Visiting Barangaroo however planted a seed of optimism to this rather gloomy reality (ok, I’m being a little dramatic here). What can I say? I just love the mix of modern architecture, materials used and textures that make up the business, residential and retail precinct. Mind you, I’m actually unfamiliar with the architect/design/builder lingo so the little description that I gave isn’t going to do the grand project any justice. The only way for you to understand the beauty of Barangaroo is by visiting it.

A couple of Sundays ago, Mr M and I met up with some friends at Devon in Barangaroo for breakfast (which was super yum btw!). I had been dying to break out in my rose gold MM6 boots so I made that happen. My initial idea was to take the easy way out and pair it with some maternity skinny jeans that I ordered from Topshop (which I was told that it has gone missing after a 4-week wait). Seeing that waiting isn’t feasible anymore, I decided to just pair them with black tights and work the outfit from bottom up. I have to admit that those rose gold boots aren’t the easiest shoes to play with and they require a bit more thought in order to create a cohesive look. I find the shimmering texture really eye-catching but I need to also make sure that I’m making a statement that I’m comfortable with. I stuck to a more neutral palette with my dress and jumper so that I’m only creating one focal point. The only complaint I have is that there’s a tiny section within the right boot that kept rubbing on my skin, creating an abrasion that was very uncomfortable. I haven’t yet thought about the solution but I imagine rubbing some candle wax over it may solve the problem. If that doesn’t cut it, I may just have to place a blister pad on my skin to cushion that section. Things we do for the sake of fashion!

I’m so glad that I have a number of oversized things in my wardrobe that I could still easily fit into these days, being 6.5 months preggers! That’s truly the beauty of voluminous silhouettes. I thought being much bigger would make me want to wear clothes that are much tighter for a bit of counterbalance but it has done the opposite instead. I’m sure I would get to those tight-fitting ribbed dresses someday.

Are you one who likes to show-off or hide your bump?


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