Catching A Breather From Fashion

Truth is, I had been intentionally neglecting this blog for the past week. Most of my time was spent with the family and I haven’t been this carefree in a long while. I woke up every morning loving the fact that I had time to cut up colourful fruits and turned them into glasses of weird coloured tonics.

I love whipping up homemade breakfast for the family.

I love listening to the crazy daily downpour while enjoying a steaming cup of Boh Cameronian Gold Blend  with a hint of milk (really, who needs Twinings?).

Most of all, I LOVE the feeling of extra time in hands. Overworking has been over-glorified.

I’m going to leave you with a few photos of a black and white outfit that I put together before I left Sydney. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the look, nothing overly fancy. One thing I will mention though is the white shirt. I like its asymmetrical cut as it adds such an interesting dimension to the standard shirt. The cropped front also gives a ‘sexy’ touch to a normally conservative piece. I would try and pair it with something slightly more high-waisted next time to solve that floppy tummy look. An alternative to that is to eat less (mission: impossible)!

Summerlees 3 Summerlees 1 summerlees 5 summerlees 5 summerlees 4

I hope to resume my twice a week posting schedule once I’ve gathered enough motivation. Meanwhile I cannot wait to experience the colourful sights, sounds and smells of Bangkok city tomorrow! Oh did I mention that buffet breakfast is part of the agenda too? I’m absolutely stoked!

Good night world. Have an awesome weekend!


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