Channeling Lady In Red

Mr M the water baby had always wanted to do a shoot at a rock pool and while the autumn heat still lingered a couple of weeks ago, we took advantage of the evening sun and headed out to North Curl Curl beach to take a few pictures. I wore my ”vintage” red tube maxi dress that was bought from Island Shop in Malaysia at least 8 years ago and was quite pleased with the clear contrast between the bright red colour and the beautiful background. The dress itself was made of a soft cotton material and it was easy to slip in and out of without fussing with zippers and buttons.

Posing was rather awkward that day as there was a bunch of people fishing and swimming at the rock pool. A few of them were curious enough to have their eyes pinned on our little activity. To make matters worse, I slipped while doing ”the walk” and pretending to look like a ”supermodel”. There goes my Miranda Kerr moment…

wllw 3


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Maxi| Island Shop Necklace| Cape Town Bracelet| Capetown

Prior to meeting Mr M, the idea of swimming at a rock pool was so foreign to me but after swimming in a few of them, I’ve begun to appreciate these natural pools a little more. Where is your favourite rock pool?

Have a great Thursday and rest of the week people!


Photography| Mr M

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