Chasing Sunsets

Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to make things better but that’s completely ok don’t you think?
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How do people look so good and fresh on their blog/instagram photos? I often find myself quite tired, oily (the joys) and a little awkward before a dress outfit shoot which mostly happens in the evening. I feel rather unglamorous in those situations but decided time after time to push on because the reality is, I don’t always get to be dressy.

Mr M and I managed to squeeze in a bit of time to take a few photos before our amazing, like seriously amazing not to mention good value dinner at the two-hatted Lu Mi at Pyrmont last Saturday. While the Christopher Esber top was beautifully tailored and structurally interesting, the first 15 minutes of the shoot was rather painful! I just couldn’t get into the groove and the location that we had hastily chosen didn’t feel right. When we decided to wrap up after getting all the standard shots, we chanced upon another location that we had a hunch could work and did another quick shoot there before the sun completely set. I felt a lot more confident the second time around. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to make things better but that’s completely ok don’t you think?


  1. It does get hard for me to take photos too in certain events. I feel awkward if someone else is taking my photos. But if I take my own photo then I am okay. I also wear a bit more makeup than usual to look better. A lipstick such as red that makes me feel alive helps alot too. SO I think it starts with feeling good with your outer appearance and that will shine in photos! Thanks for sharing.
    Joua to the Rescue

  2. It’s completely okay πŸ™‚ Taking outfit photos is a luxury to me because there is no time chasing after the sun during the week and weekends are jam packed! Hahaha! By the time I get back home from work, it’s 7 in the evening and girl that’s too dark for anything πŸ™‚

    Real Life Nerd

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