Christmas Colours

Christmas is done and dusted but the holiday vibes continue to linger on… For most people, the party continues into the new year and that is how I feel right now.

In contrary to what we expected, Christmas day was wet and windy. Fortunately that hasn’t dampen our spirits! It was nice to start off the day with some carolling, and also a snippet that resembled Bill Cosby’s ‘Kids say the darndest things’ when a bunch of munchkins showed off their gifts on stage in church. Ah my heart! And how could I not mention about a mini reunion with a high school friend from Malaysia whom I haven’t seen for a while? What a precious moment especially as we lead such different lives now and are based in different continents.

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We stopped by at one of the more arty office buildings in the city to snap a few outfit photos. The complete mismatched in colours hasn’t deterred us. Instead the clash made me feel somewhat liberal. It’s ok to relax sometimes and forego perfection.

Mr M and I spent the rest of the day eating homemade food and lazing on the couch. Just our kind of day. Bliss.

How was Christmas for you?


Photography| Mr M

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