CNY Food Journal

Hi there! How are you today? This week has been rather hectic for me so I’m going to have to keep this post short and sweet!

Since food plays such an indispensable part throughout Chinese New Year (CNY), I thought it’d be nice to share with you some food photos to tempt your (and my own) appetite! These photos were taken at my dear friends’ new pad on the eve of new year, where we had a wonderful homemade reunion dinner together as a ‘foster family’. Just a little side note on Chinese culture, reunion dinner is traditionally held on CNY’s eve where family members get together to share a sumptuous meal and celebrate the upcoming new year.


Anzac bridge from the balcony


I can explain the mess, and no we are not barbarians. This dish is what I called ‘yeesang’ or ?? for those who reads Chinese. It’s a raw fish salad and it’s da bomb! The mix of shredded vegetables, assorted crunchy condiments, plum sauce and salmon sashimi was lovely. The name of this dish (??) is a homophone for a Chinese word (???that literally means increase in abundance. FYI, the names for most CNY dishes were a result of homophones and they all  have auspicious meanings to them. Now the reason why we made a mess was because we were overly enthusiastic when tossing the ingredients together as the higher we tossed, the greater the fortunes we are going to amass (a pretty nice thought ain’t it?)

2 3 4


I ended the night with a distended belly and wonderful memories. T’was a good night.


Photography| Mr M

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