We were told to #crackaselfie in them and well, I couldn’t possibly disobey such an important command!
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Selfies, I have nothing against them. I just haven’t had many urges to take them in the past couple of years! One of the major reasons I believe is that Mr M takes my photos for WLLWPROJECT on a weekly basis hence I have lost my desire to randomly smile at Mr iPhone.

Gone were the days when I would snatch Mr iPhone back in countless attempts to hide 2638762 photos of myself #narcissismoverload. Nowadays I wouldn’t sweat it if someone scrolls through my album. Just expect to see a bunch of spam images and videos that my parents sent through #parentswhoareintunewithtechnology.

So, why was I so into selfies once upon a time?

I’m fairly certain that I had self-confidence issues. Looking back, taking (secret) selfies was a way to reassure myself that I was capable of looking good (especially if I got the angle right!) to the outside world. Since there was such an emphasis on the physical side of things, I needed to know that I fit into the “good-looking” category as well. A lot of my self-worth was based on my outward appearance and that almost always overrode what I had on the inside. Let’s face it. I’m hardly the best looking person on my street and the kindest thing that I could do for myself is self-acceptance. It’s ok to be imperfect because no one is perfect. All the little quirks add to our character! Don’t ever stop trying to look good though (unless looking good is the least of your concerns) but also allow your own personality to shine through! I haven’t learnt this overnight but I’ve definitely accumulated a number of valuable experiences over the years that showed me that what mattered most ultimately came from the inside.

These daisy sunnies are too good to pass up! I got them as a gift when I signed up for Colour Conference 2016. We were told to #crackaselfie in them and well, I couldn’t possibly disobey such an important command!

Here’s one last “selfie” 😛

wllw 15-05-17_13

Signing off!



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