Creating New From Old

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Winter in Sydney has been exceptionally mild so far. The weather was Spring like all through Autumn, other than the few days when it decided to be ‘normal’. A lot of people much prefer and thrive in warm weather but not me. I long for gloomy days after what seems like an extended period of sunshine, and freezing temperatures after many weeks of warm days. I’m not one who would voluntarily choose to go to the same cafe week in week out, or eat the same kind of food on a daily basis. I guess I like variety, not because I feel deserving of it. Rather, variety stimulates my mind and opens my eyes.

I struggled with outfit pairing again this week just like the last. There still isn’t anything new to show but that’s ok. I changed my top a couple of times and settled for this sleeveless collared piece from Zara because I ran out of time. You know what, I ended up really enjoying this look. I like how the leatherette collar pairs so well with my suede and leatherette skirt to form one coherent feel. I’m not a big fan of putting black and brown side by side but I really wanted to get more use out of my buttery soft circle bag by Sara Barner because I haven’t been doing it justice. That was one of those times when I was super grateful for my trusty grey boyfriend blazer. The grey acted as a nice transitional colour to tie the black and brown together. The strap to my bag was also a little too long for my liking so I knotted the straps to shorten the overall length, a testimony to how soft the leather really is!

I shall go and make the caramel sauce for my sticky date pudding now. I’ve really been enjoying cooking and photographing the end product with my iPhone lately. If you look at my instagram, it looks more like a food instagram than a fashion one.

Are you into foodstagram as well?


Photography| Mr M

Ps. My MinkPink skirt has been making a few appearances lately. Check out my pairing ideas here and here.

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