It sounds rather crazy but I could almost feel the quality of Cuyana’s products through my eyes.
Saddle SilkCami_1

I’m sure most of you fashion lovers have seen different versions of the Cuyana saddle bags floating around Instagram by now. The saddle shape is growing on me and I guess I want it (black please) even more after pouring through the Cuyana website and nodding fervently at their philosophy while drooling all over their beautiful things.

I love that Cuyana is designed for the modern woman and favours quality over quantity. Whilst many other brands these days are heading towards the same direction (big bravo to that!), Cuyana exemplifies their vision through their designs, product range, choice of materials and quest for the best craftsmanship around the globe. It sounds rather crazy but I could almost feel the quality of Cuyana’s products with my eyes. I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot and Cuyana seems to be able to tame the guilt that comes with less thoughtful purchases. The only downside though is that shipping to Australia is expensive. I’m tempted to have my potential purchase shipped to the place that we’re going to stay in NYC next month. Let’s see. I’ll sit on this shopping itch for a little and listen to what my heart tells me in the next few days.

The above are some of the styles that made my heart flutter and if you like what you see here, you most definitely need to head over to their site to show them some love. After all Cuyana means ‘to love’ in Quechua and by showing them your support, they would then be able to inspire you to love everything (hopefully) in your closet and in your life.


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