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How’s your project coming along?
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Henry’s Sweater by Sarah Elizabeth Kellner Luxury yarn by Bendigo Wollen Mills

I made this for a friend’s bubba because I was really getting into garment experimentation but I think this would be my last baby piece for awhile. For a short period I felt a great sense of achievement churning out project after project but that had also imposed unnecessary stress on myself. Right now I’m focussing more on creating things for Mr M and I to take with us when we travel next year. Overall I’m just learning to enjoy the process of creating stitches instead of being so product focussed. Making fabric is wonderful and shouldn’t be rushed especially since I don’t have any commissioning responsibilities. I really want to be in the moment and fully immerse myself in the tactile experience!

Ah, in all honesty though, it is difficult to stress less when free time is limited.

Enough of this rant. This baby coat is really sweet and quick to knit up. Anything miniature is quick to produce as a matter of fact. The one thing that I dislike about knitting is the “weaving in the ends” part. If I could outsource one step, that would be it. Does anyone of you know the best way to make this step an enjoyable one? I’m definitely open to ideas.

If you’re a maker yourself, how’s your project coming along? I do hope that you’re enjoying what you’re doing and haven’t put too much on your plate. It’s hard to not cast things on when there are so many beautiful materials to play with. My office is slowly turning into a craft room and hopefully not too many things would spill out into the common areas haha!

Have a lovely day folks and have a blessed one.

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