Earth Tones

What is your current favourite colour palette to wear?

I was inspired to dress in earth tones last Saturday because of the warm sunny weather. I think a lot of people tend to shun away from this colour palette because it’s typically viewed as boring and old-fashioned. I personally think that it’s a matter of the mindset. There’s so much potential for these unsung colours to shine. IMHO, earthy colours could look extremely fresh and updated when done right, not to mention extra calming on the eyes too!


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I’ve reached for this maxi skirt for a number of occasions this year (see 12 and 3) and I’m yet to be bored with it. I love the way it looks when sunlight shines through the material and creates a really feminine silhouette. The way that the skirt sways with each movement makes me feel somewhat special and beautiful. These are definitely healthy feelings that I want to constantly be reminded of!

Have a lovely day, Talk soon.


Photography| Mr M

    1. The skirt has become one of my most worn maxis. Initially I was a bit hesitant about the yellow but the colours turned out really well 🙂

  1. I will always love the combination of yellow and olive green (especially a maxi skirt like yours) but it’s so hard to find the perfect olive green in a skirt imo! Love the outfit on you x

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