Eleven Madison Park

That night was truly memorable and it still felt surreal that the both us were there, right in Manhattan.
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I knew that we were going to go to somewhere nice in NY when Mr M told me to pack a pretty, dining out kind of outfit. While I was super stoked at the opportunity to dress up, I couldn’t bring myself to spend too many dollars on a new outfit, considering that we had already spent/will be spending a substantial sum for our holiday.

Panicking in the last minute, I ended up purchasing a lacy black top from Esther Boutique, albeit a bit of hesitation as I wasn’t sure of the sizing. Moreover, it was a bit of a rushed purchase. The picture on the Esther website ended up to be a true representation of the product and I was actually quite pleased with it. Yes, this top ‘technically’ doesn’t fit into my definition of a thoughtful purchase but I could certainly see myself wearing it when a special occasion arises again.

Where did Mr M end up taking me that night? I had the most amazing experience at Eleven Madison Park. For those who are unfamiliar with the name, Eleven Madison Park has been voted #3  in The World’s Top 50 Restaurants and I could certainly see why. The food was innovative and delicate with immaculate customer service to match. There were lots of theatrical elements involved which made our experience all the more fun and interesting. Mr M and I don’t really go out and eat fancy food often so every opportunity was always an exciting one for me. It took me a while to figure  out my stance regarding this form of dining. While some of you could not think of any other words to describe it other than ‘snooty’ (which can be in certain instances) and maybe unnecessary, I try  my best to stay grounded in that environment. Instead, I put my focus on celebrating and indulging on someone else’s creativity and really savour all the effort that had gone into preparing the courses than to pretend that I knew what I was doing. We had made silly dining mistakes but you know what, they made for a good laugh.

That night was truly memorable and it still felt surreal that the both us were there, right in Manhattan. Remember this post about my packing list to NY? The temperature did drop considerably and I snatched Mr M’s jacket after dinner to fend off the cold as we walked back to our accommodation. We shivered all the way but you know what? That hadn’t dampened the high from such an awesome and blessed night.


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