Feeling the Blues…

I remember standing in front of my wardrobe not knowing what to wear. It was painful almost, as my inspiration ran on low and nothing felt right. It was one of those moments when I desperately wanted a wardrobe overhaul, but of course I didn’t give myself one. I will have to be strong and work with whatever that’s available at the moment as shopping is anticipated in the land of good looking people aka Sweden soon. I’m not particularly excited yet as my immune system has temporarily malfunctioned but I’m certain that will change when June approaches.


I used to feel rather uncomfortable putting things on my head but in the recent months I’ve come to appreciate the interest that a hat/cap adds to the overall outfit. I went to general pants for some jeans just recently but left with this felt hat instead. It was hard for me to say no as the camel colour goes with a lot of my outfits and it sits really nicely on my head.

My fondness towards stripes is once again evident in these pictures. To be honest, I was slightly disappointed when I notised that the colour on my vertical striped shirt (featured here) had run after its first wash. However I’m not ready to disregard its existence yet. Does anyone know how to remove colour run or avoid it for future reference?


I dusted cobwebs off these biker boots from Wittner before putting them on. Yes it’s been THAT long.


I look at this set of photos with utmost gratitude. Mr M had so lovingly taken them despite rather demanding working hours. I am beyond blessed.

Keep warm to those who live in the Southern hemisphere!


Photography|Mr M

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment. Funny thing is that I came up with this outfit when my spirits were deflated because ”i have nothing (new) to wear”. This goes to show that I could still extract plenty of value out of my wardrobe 😉

  1. Just discovered your blog and I love how you’ve put the outfit details on the photo – it makes it look quite editorial-ish! I also feel your pain with regards to striped-garment-washing. Did you wash it in cold on gentle? That’s how I wash all my clothes and they last much longer (even the cheapy crappier quality ones)

    xx T

    1. Thank you love!To be completely honest, having the captions on the photos was a little bit of an experimentation. I think I washed my striped top on 30c… wasn’t expecting for it to bleed but I felt ok since it’s cheap haha!!

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