Fitted, Ruffly and Flouncy

It’s very rare that I would use those 3 terms to describe my outfit on any given day.
Dress Topshop Sandals Ancient Greek Sandals Bag Rebecca Minkoff  Sunnies ROC Eyewear

Red is the colour of the moment and being a Chinese, I’m trying to embrace as much of it as I can although I really don’t wear all that much red from a day to day basis. For some reason, I love red on my lips, nails, shoes and accessories but just not on my body. On the sec0nd day of CNY however, I went all out and was possibly the biggest red thing that was strolling around the city but you know what, I kinda liked that!

Style Notes ||SILHOUTTE||Fitted, ruffly and flouncy. It’s very rare that I would use those 3 terms to describe my outfit on any given day seeing how I love simple lines and voluminous silhouettes. Honestly though, it was quite nice to embrace my femininity that day with this beautiful floral dress from Topshop.

||FOOTWEAR|| Ancient greek sandals, nuff’ said.

||HAIRSTYLE|| I’m wearing my hair in a bun a lot nowadays as the weather has been insanely hot and most importantly, my hair is getting all scruffy and ready for a change.

I kept my jewellery to a minimal as the flower motives were loud enough and didn’t require any accompaniment.

Side Notes Mr M and I walked around in the city for a bit after our lunch at the fabulous Mr Wong with minimal agenda and it was so relaxing. In the past I’ve had a hard time relaxing on weekends due to the thousands of things that I wanted to accomplish but you know what people said about becoming the person that your bf/gf/spouse is? I think I’ve finally learnt to slow down a little and just take my days-off as they are. I’m always ready to jump out of bed and start my day, especially when my day job isn’t in the picture but now I’m giving myself permission to enjoy life a little bit more. I’m not talking about material possessions but just those little priceless things like winding down a little, lazing on the couch for 20 minutes or so bingeing on silly Youtube vids. I find that the older I’ve become, the more I’ve lost my knack at being carefree so I’m on a quest to reclaim that!

How’s your CNY so far? Hope you’re having a taste of it even if you’re not Chinese!


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