Floating Bubbles

There need not be a reason to break out in a pretty dress.
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There need not be a reason to break out in a pretty dress.

I feel like I haven’t given this Aijek number (also see here) enough airtime as I tend to reach for t-shirt and denim whenever a blog shoot isn’t warranted, let’s be real here. I’ve just gone through another round of my own version of KonMarie and I was reminded once again that I do have enough beautiful clothes to work through for a while. All I need is to gather some inspiration and put my thinking cap on when I pair my outfits. I feel that a lot of us prefer to opt for an easy way out by purchasing new outfits whenever we’re stuck in a wardrobe rut, me included but this method isn’t always sustainable, both to the environment and financially. I desperately want to feel excited about my own selection again, hence I’m editing my wardrobe diligently to only contain items that I feel good about (plus a few sentimental pieces here and there). I’m not trying to be a minimalist as I don’t operate within a black and white palette. All I’m trying to do is to create a positive emotion when I look at my stash of clothes as that may change the way I think in unexpected and more exciting ways.

What do you do when you’re stuck in fashion rut? Any tried and tested method out there that I should know of?


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