French Association

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Dress Zara Sandals Country Road Bag Rebecca Minkoff Hat Cala Ganone

Stripes, they are a favourite of mine. I sneak in those horizontal goodness into my outfits whenever possible and voila, instant association with French chic.

Aside from long road trips, we spent a good amount of time wondering on the  Sardinian streets snapping at anything and everything that caught our fancy. From observation, a lot of old Italian men love idling by the roadside. Many of them were grey, short and carrying large food+alcohol bellies. I actually don’t blame them for those extra pounds because the Italian way of living is frankly, wonderful. A lot of their food is incredibly tasty and generous in size. Their vino is cheap and delicious and having 3 course meals is a daily affair. Eating is an art and savouring those flavours from the food is as important as filling the void in the stomach. What a wonderful way to enjoy life instead of stuffing our faces as quickly as possible by modern default.

The photo diary shall continue next week!


Photography| Mr M

Ps. View the replicated version here, with a security blanket tied around my waist.

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